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Our Principles

Our Purpose

The purpose of X Delivery™ is to simplify package delivery through technology, reliability, speed, and price. Our purpose is simple: fix logistics.

Core Values

There is No Spoon

Reimagining what is possible.

Results Driven

People that are self-driven make this company successful. We value individuals that have a passion for continuous self and professional development.

Everyone Together

Vulnerability based trust is the key to finding the most promising solution and path. We are open about our own weaknesses and utilize the strengths of the team.

X Delivery™

We are fixing logistics with efficiency and sustainability in mind; so we're committed to taking care of our planet, and communities. Here are some of the ways our Employees have been giving back to their community and/or environment:

X Delivery™ Cleans Helping Hands Children Shelter

Tue Jun 29, Austin TX

Join Our Company

Within the last year, we have 10x'd our monthly revenue and grown to nearly 50 team members. Some of the technology industry's most innovative contributors, managers, and executives are joining us to build the new era of shipping. We're driven by each other, and our goal is to create a world where all ecommerce packages are shipped by X Delivery™.

Leadership Team

Mark Lavelle
Mark Lavelle

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Carp
Brian Carp

Chief Financial Officer

Jason Woosley
Jason Woosley

Chief Operating Officer

Francesca Molinari
Francesca Molinari

Chief People Officer

Peter Sheldon
Peter Sheldon

SVP of Strategy & Business Development