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Chris Guggenheim​
Chris Guggenheim​

Founder & Chief Executive Officer​

20+ year Austin, TX entrepreneur and Founder of X.
Paul Vinuelas
Paul Vinuelas

Chief Logistics Officer

Results driven, San Francisco based Chief Logistics Officer of X.
James Crow
James Crow

Chief Technology Officer

Veteran CTO providing advanced logistics technology to X.
Hollye Day
Hollye Day

Chief Administrative Officer

Team leader of multiple tech- driven organizations over the course of 10 years & CAO of X.


X is the technology company powering the #1 shipping carrier for high-growth D2C ecommerce brands: X Delivery. The purpose of X is to simplify package delivery through technology, reliability, speed, and price. We leverage in-motion supply chain assets, from empty warehouses to local delivery services, and connect them to new technology. By connecting to our API, customers have access to multiple delivery options from anywhere in the country that out-of-the-box shipping tech platforms do not offer. Our purpose is simple: fix logistics.

Core Values

There is
No Spoon

Creating the future of delivery with technology means taking a hard look at the origin of the problems we aim to solve. We champion the phrase ‘Not everything is as it seems’ and encourage everyone to be loud about risky ideas that can propel our mission forward.


Taking ownership over results is the pillar idea at X that drives employee success and satisfaction.
Company, department, and individual goals are held paramount by encouraging a balance between autonomy and accountability; and working smart.


X is a highly transparent company with every aspect of the businesses practices, goals, and progress available. We expect that all employees will trust in teamwork to earn achievements that are
aligned with the company

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Save up to 75%
When you switch to X Delivery
  • 500 min daily shipments
  • 999 max daily shipments


Save up to 85%
When you grow with X Delivery
  • 1,000 min daily shipments
  • 4,999 max daily shipments


Save up to 92%
When you scale with X Delivery
  • 5,000 min daily shipments
  • 9,999 max daily shipments


Unlock more savings
When you scale even more
  • 10,000+ daily shipments