Top selling ecommerce brands are switching to X Delivery before the holiday season.

Every serious ecommerce brand is switching to X Delivery before the holidays

Scaled ecommerce infrastructures require serious tech integrations. X Delivery announces thirteen new integrations. The data-driven tech company simply called ‘X’ has partnered with thirteen technology companies to integrate their shipping carrier service: X Delivery.  Say ‘goodbye’ to extra fees and reclaim the margin other shipping carriers have suppressed for too long when you leave your […]

Use a Single Warehouse For Your D2C Ecommerce Shipping To Boost ROI

When you’re running a direct-to-consumer (D2C) ecommerce business, logistics is a major consideration. Consumers expect an Amazon-like experience that gets their orders to their doors in just a couple of days. Any error or delay in the delivery process could impact the customer experience and lower your retention rates. A significant portion of D2C ecommerce […]

Benefits of API For D2C Shipping and Logistics Management

X Delivery - API - Benefits of API

Today’s D2C ecommerce merchants face intense competition. Your work isn’t done after your customers have completed their transactions. The delivery process is a critical component of the customer experience. Consumers expect convenient and personalized shipping solutions that meet their needs.  For many D2C ecommerce businesses, offering a 2-day Amazon-like shipping service is no longer just […]