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What does my tracking status mean?

This article will cover the various tracking status you may see on the X Delivery tracking page. Tracking statuses include:

  • Label Created
  • In-Transit
  • Package Not Received
  • Undeliverable
  • Return-to-Sender

Label Created

The Label Created status means that order details were successfully sent to X Delivery and we are anticipating a shipment. If this is the latest status visible, X has not yet received the shipment.


The In-Transit status means your package is currently on its way to the end customer.

 Package Not Received

The Package Not Received status displays when a given item has been verified as received by X Delivery. 


Packages may be marked as Undeliverable for many reasons, including:

  • Invalid/incorrect address
  • Unable to obtain signature (if signature required)
  • Unscannable label
  • Unable to deliver
  • Non-compliant labels (if applicable)

Undeliverable packages will be returned to sender.


A package marked Return-to-Sender is currently being returned to the shipper. The X Delivery team handles pickup, consolidation, and reverse sorting of all returns. Package are usually returned within 3-4 weeks from RTS status update.

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