X Delivery is now Maergo.

Integration Basics

X Delivery is an API based technology that allows customers to quickly and programmatically utilize our delivery services. Clients can chose to build an integration for themselves, or work with one of our partners that has an existing integration built. 

In this article you will find:

  • API documentation
  • Helpful tips
  • 3rd party integrations

API documentation

Link to our API docs 

Helpful tips

  • Address verification – X API does not have address correction. We will print a label for any address that is passed to us whether it is valid or not. This is partly by design since address verification should be done as far up stream as possible…ideally in the shopping cart. Allowing customers to confirm their address or correct it during the checkout process saves times, saves money, prevents unpleasant delivery issues…all without decreasing checkout conversions. 
  • Phone number – collecting an accurate phone number for your customers can help final mile carriers deliver packages. An example of this would be if they need a gate code to get into a gated community, but the customer did not provide it in their address information. 

3rd party integrations

If you do not have the resources or desire to build a custom integration, you can work with one our our partners that have an integration with X:

Order management systems

  • Rocksolid/Webship
  • Bukuship
  • EssentialHub

Warehouse management systems

  • CLS

Tracking only

  • Narvar
  • Aftership (coming soon)

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