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How do I file a claim?

A Damage claim might arise when the end customer receives a shipment with damage that is visible upon delivery. A Lost in Transit claim may be warranted when the shipment has been picked up but never delivered.

The X Delivery claims policy and process are outlined below.

  • Claims Requirements
  • Claims Form
  • Damaged Claims Eligibility
  • Lost in Transit Claims Eligibility
  • Claims Adjudication 
  • Return-to-Sender

Claims Requirements

In order to file a claim, you will need the following:

  • Tracking number(s)
  • Shipment date(s)
  • Package contents
  • Claim type (Lost in transit vs Damaged)
  • Proof of value (i.e. invoice)
  • Photos of damage (if applicable)
  • Statement/affidavit (electronic) from the recipient (i.e. email communication about the damage or loss)

You can then head over to the claims portal to file.

Claims Form

Once you input initial information about the shipper, the recipient, and the package, a claims ID will be generated. You can then upload relevant supporting documentation under this claim ID.

At the top of the claims form, you will be asked to provide the email address where you would like to receive your claim check. In case of a reseller relationship, this should be the reseller’s email address.

Please note the following clarifications when completing the claims form:

  • “Auction Number”
    • From time to time, claims are filed for auctioned items (think of your favorite online auction sites). When talking about general commercial purchases (most X Delivery clients), this is the same as “Order Number” or “Invoice Number”
  • “Postage Cost”
    • This is generally the same as “Shipping Cost.”
  • “Amount Recovered”
    • This refers to claims filed for less than the total invoice value. For example, consider a customer who orders six pens, but receives two damaged. In this case, the amount recovered value is equal to the cost of four pens (as you are only filing a claim for the cost of two).
  • “Invoice / Package ID”
    • This is the same as “Order Number” or “Invoice Number”.

Damaged Claims Eligibility

Claims for goods that were damaged in transit may be filed right away. All claims must be submitted within 90 calendar days from the ship date.

Be sure to provide photo documentation of the package (exterior and interior), as well as proof of value. Examples of proof of value include: Copy of the original invoice, receipt, purchase order, or other documentation that validates the purchase of merchandise. If the shipping cost was insured, too, ensure that your proof of value shows this.

Lost in Transit Claims Eligibility

For domestic shipments, you must wait at least 21 calendar days from the ship date prior to filing a lost in transit claim. For international shipments, the waiting period is 45 calendar days. All claims must be submitted within 90 calendar days from the ship date.

There must be a possession scan indicating the package was received by X Delivery.

Be sure to provide additional documentation as outlined in the Claims Requirements section.

Claims Adjudication

All claims are handled and adjudicated by X Delivery’s partner. Generally, claims are processed within 7-10 business days. You can expect to hear directly from X Delivery’s partner on all matters related to claims status, approval/denial, and reimbursement (if approved). 


Under X Delivery’s parcel insurance offering, packages that are marked Return-to-Sender are usually covered. If a package is never delivered to the end recipient and marked for return (likely due to failed delivery attempts), coverage for loss or damage during return transit still applies. 

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