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Perfecting Your Footwear Shipping Strategy for Growth

Footwear is among the biggest sellers in the eCommerce sector. Thus, their rate of shipping is also very high. Despite this high rate, footwear shipping has some challenges. As an eCommerce brand dealing in footwear, having the best shipping strategy will help ensure business growth. 

The strategy you choose will depend on several factors. Therefore, it is important not to generalize. This article explains why you need an efficient footwear shipping strategy for business growth. Before then, you need to understand the impacts of eCommerce shipping on business growth. Let’s get right to it!


How Does eCommerce Shipping Impact Business Growth?

Shipping has a direct impact on the reputation of your business. ShipBob found that about 60% of customers tend to patronize eCommerce businesses that can offer a convenient eCommerce shipping solution. 

Once you dispatch your goods, your customers have an experience of your shipping. This experience will generate positive feedback or a negative one. You have to avoid the latter as much as possible. Moreover, the 69.57% average cart abandonment rate across industries should make you want to improve your shipping experience. 

To avoid getting negative feedback and losing customers, you need to understand the best eCommerce shipping strategies.  


Why Do You Need a Footwear Shipping Strategy?

Often, shoppers visit online stores and find the footwear they like at a reasonable price. They add the product to their cart and proceed to the checkout page. A common occurrence is that the shipping price puts the shoppers off their feet. When they add the shipping price to the footwear cost, it begins to seem a lot more expensive.  

Often, these shoppers abandon their carts, as was confirmed by a Baymard Institute research. The right footwear shipping strategy will help you: 


Create Better Customer Experience

Customers will have a consistent and happy experience whenever they shop with you if you set clear expectations with your delivery plan. Remember to be upfront about delivery delays caused by carrier delays, natural disasters, peak volumes, and anything else that may cause your customers’ packages to be delayed.


Increase Average Order Value (AOV)

Offers and promotions related to shipping are a great way to entice customers to buy more. They can help you boost your average order value. For example, you may give free shipping with minimum purchase on certain items or for a limited time.


Increase Conversion

Customers are more likely to complete a transaction when they know exactly what to expect at a reasonable price. Giving clients choices encourages them to buy—you can let them choose their shipping carrier, fulfillment method, and delivery time.


Expand Your Business

An effective shipping strategy will help you sell to more people in many different places worldwide. This way, you can be sure of business growth.


How to Perfect Your Footwear Shipping Strategy

The right eCommerce shipping solution ensures that you retain your existing customers and attract new ones. Here are some shipping strategies to help grow your business:


Offer Free Shipping

Offering your customers free shipping services is among the most effective strategies out there. One excellent edge that free shipping offers is that it removes different options at the checkout. Fewer options at checkout equal fewer chances for customers to abandon their cart. Hence, more sales. 

Free shipping also offers you a marketing value proposition. The main principle behind “free shipping” is that you pay for shipping so that your customers wouldn’t have to. The good news is that you may save a lot of money on postage by using cutting-edge shipping API. This can drastically reduce your delivery expenses, making offering free shipping to your customers much easier.

You can offer free shipping and stay profitable by:

  • Knowing your margins
  • Planning for the shipping costs when pricing your products 
  • Increasing your average order value 
  • Using a flat rate shipping strategy and optimizing your packaging
  • Offering short-term promotions
  • Offering free shipping on a few products, not all
Charge Simple Flat Shipping Rates

Flat rate shipping is one of the top shipping strategies available for eCommerce businesses today. Charging a flat delivery charge is also a good idea for marketing purposes. Customers will feel like they are receiving a fantastic deal if they pay a set amount regardless of where they order your products, and they will return for more.

A flat shipping charge can take the hassle out of delivering to international customers and streamline the checkout process. Simple Export Rate allows you to ship globally at low flat rates, and it is a fixed rate that takes the uncertainty out of shopping for overseas rates.


Have a Clear Return Policy

Uncertainty about return policies is one of the biggest deterrents to customers buying things online. Customers are sometimes concerned that they will be bound to it indefinitely if they purchase something online. Offering free returns to your consumers is a terrific approach to set their minds at ease before purchasing.

You’ll still have to work hard to keep your return rate as low as possible. Describe your products as precisely as possible and use high-quality photographs to ensure your customers understand what they are buying. Keep it basic, but include all of the information your customers would find helpful.


Fulfill Orders Quickly

To run a successful online footwear business, you must always put your customers first. Therefore, you need to prioritize your order fulfillment. If you can, try to fulfill orders as they arrive. This will give your customers a positive experience and help your business grow. 


Perfecting Your Footwear Shipping with X Delivery™

The eCommerce world is rapidly evolving, with every business with unique shipping challenges. Thus, it is crucial to partner with a company that offers the best shipping technology for better business growth. This is where X Delivery comes in. 

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You can trust us to support your business by automatically selecting the best first, middle, and final mile routing options. Thanks to our list of high-performance partners, you have a chance to choose a shipping carrier based on your needs. X Delivery is ready to do the heavy lifting and optimization for you, so you don’t have to build your network. 

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