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How Your Ecommerce Shipping Strategy Impacts the Customers Experience

You may not realize it but having an effective shipping strategy in place makes a significant impact on your ability to grow and scale your ecommerce brand. That’s because your shipping strategy directly affects the customer experience. And customer experience is everything when it comes to ecommerce success. The competition may be fierce but the rewards are great so getting your shipping strategy in order is the key to making the most of the ongoing ecommerce boom. 

Online shopping behavior has shifted significantly since the onset of the global pandemic as more people opt to shop from the safety of their own homes. Regardless of what happens with the pandemic, online shopping is here to stay. In 2021 alone, more than 2.14 billion people worldwide purchased products online, which is a 29% increase from previous years. These are impressive numbers that are encouraging to online retailers. However, as the demand for online shopping has increased, so has the supply making it a tough market to break into. 

So, just how do you stand out in an overly saturated market? You improve the customer experience to better retain existing customers, of course. And the best way to keep your customers happy and loyal is to give them an excellent delivery experience. There is no better way to impress a new customer and keep them (and their friends) coming back time after time. 


Strategic Ecommerce Shipping Options

Unfortunately, many ecommerce brands take an overly simplistic approach to shipping. For example, they may offer free shipping across the board or no free shipping options at all. In order to have a competitive edge, this simple strategy just won’t work today. To be a successful ecommerce brand in 2022, you need to get creative, use strategic shipping options and work with the right delivery partners such as X DeliveryTM.

Creating an effective shipping strategy can be a complicated process; especially when you need to get everyone in your team working cohesively in order for it to function correctly.


The Connection Between Delivery & Customer Satisfaction

There is no doubt about it that shipping significantly impacts purchasing decisions. If you take into consideration that the average rate of cart abandonment across industries is 69.57%, it makes sense that you’ll want to do everything possible to get your customers to follow through with their purchases. The problem is that all aspects of the customer experience can affect their decision. This could be the checkout experience, lack of shipping options, tracking visibility, shipping information transparency, and even the delivery time itself. 

But nothing kills customer conversion more than shipping fees. Since ecommerce giants like Amazon started offering free shipping options, most customers expect the same from all ecommerce brands. Because of this, up to 28% of shoppers will abandon their cart if they have to pay for delivery. On top of this, most consumers have gotten accustomed to fast 2-day delivery times as well. So, they will consider shipping times as well before deciding to enter their credit card details.

It’s important to keep in mind that shipping is more than a means to deliver a product to your customer. The shipping process can be used as a marketing strategy to entice new customers and retain existing customers. Offering free shipping, reducing delivery rates, and speedy delivery times are also effective ways to improve customer satisfaction. Therefore, a well-thought-out shipping strategy is essential for online retailers who want to increase ecommerce sales in 2022.


Crafting the Perfect Delivery with X Delivery

As you can tell, the success of your ecommerce brand rests heavily on your shipping strategy. When your reputation as a brand relies on the delivery experience your customers have, then you know it’s imperative to invest in this aspect of your ecommerce business.

That’s where X Delivery comes in. We are a high-performance shipping carrier solution designed to help ecommerce brands improve the customer experience. Our parcel shipping software consists of the latest shipping carrier tech, which ensures that your shipping strategy is executed seamlessly every single time. 

To increase efficiency, X Delivery uses shipping technology to automate the ecommerce shipping process. Our shipping API connects to your ecommerce platform which selects the most appropriate delivery partners for each stage of the process, generates a shipping label for the merchant, and coordinates the first, middle, and final mile delivery to the customer. As a result, X Delivery ensures shorter delivery times and zoneless pricing–all of which keeps your customers happy.

X Delivery is an ecommerce shipping solution that simplifies the package delivery process using technology to improve reliability, speed, and affordability for D2C ecommerce brands that are looking to scale. By using X Delivery and connecting to our high-volume shipping API, you have access to multiple delivery options throughout the country. X Delivery crafts the ideal delivery from the moment the order is placed and the shipping label is printed all the way through to when the parcel gets delivered as fast as 2-3 days later. 

Best of all is the tracking transparency of our system that keeps both you and your customers in the loop about where their package is. From the moment they place the order until it arrives on their doorstep, your customer is kept informed. This type of transparency when it comes to shipping carrier tracking is yet another way to build trust with your customers and increase overall satisfaction with their purchasing experience. All these factors combined will assist you in creating a well-established shipping strategy that gets you results.


Reimagine Delivery in 2022

If you are ready to reimagine delivery in 2022, then it’s time to partner with the company that’s on a mission to fix the broken logistics industry. Join X Delivery today to start crafting the perfect delivery experience for your customers. 

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