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Ship Smarter in 2022 with X Delivery™

There is no doubt about it; the ecommerce industry is booming. Despite the global pandemic, or perhaps because of it, there is no better time for ecommerce brands to succeed than in the current market. Demand for online products is at an all-time high as consumers avoid busy shopping malls or retail centers to maintain their health and wellness. 

The ease and convenience of shopping online are other factors that will ensure continued growth year after year. According to Forbes, ecommerce is predicted to be a $1 trillion industry by 2022. That means ecommerce brands need to make the most of this high demand by working smarter in order to be successful in 2022. 

One of the top issues faced by ecommerce brands is shipping and delivery because control of logistics tends to be handed over to third-party partners. In order to avoid the common problems associated with shipping, ecommerce brands should consider partnering with a high-performance shipping carrier solution like X Delivery. Reimagine delivery and make smarter shipping decisions in 2022 with X Delivery.


More Delivery Options through a Network of Shipping Carriers

When it comes to shipping and delivery, you need options if your ecommerce brand is to succeed in 2022; especially if you plan to scale your business and will be delivering high volumes of parcels. Unfortunately, traditional logistics is broken which, in turn, affects your bottom line. But there is a solution. Instead of relying on only one traditional shipping carrier to meet all your delivery needs, you require multiple delivery options. 

At the same time, partnering with multiple different shipping carriers yourself would be an administrative nightmare that can be costly and time-consuming. In order for this to be truly effective, you need a partner that can manage it all for you. That’s where we come in.

X Delivery connects high-volume ecommerce brand to undiscovered shipping and delivery options. As a result, you have immediate access to a vast network of reliable shipping carriers across the country. You don’t need to spend time searching for the best shipping carriers or make an effort to connect with them. We have done the heavy lifting for you by establishing relationships with only the best shipping carriers so that you can offer competitive delivery options to your customers. 

This is a win-win situation for all parties and one of the main ways that we can help you ship smarter in the new year. When you don’t have to worry about the delivery process because you know it is being taken care of by a trusted network of sipping carriers, you can focus on increasing your ecommerce sales.


Zoneless Pricing & Flat Rate Shipping for Cost Predictability

The truth is, traditional logistics costs too much simply because it is stuck in an outdated shipping model. Namely, zone-based pricing. Chances are that if you’re working with only one shipping carrier, you’re being charged zone-based rates for deliveries. This means that you’re paying high rates for shipping items to customers that are farther away from your supplier warehouse. For example, if your warehouse is situated in California, you’d pay an exorbitant shipping rate to deliver an order to a customer in New York because the parcel would cross numerous zones. 

In order to remedy this, you could probably make use of multiple warehouses in different parts of the country. Unfortunately, this then increases your operational costs. Either way, it makes it difficult for you to offer competitive shipping rates or even free shipping options as it would affect your profit margin.

The solution to this problem is zoneless pricing. In other words, paying a flat rate for shipping that is solely based on the weight of the parcel and not determined by the distance it needs to travel to reach the customer. Zoneless shipping allows you to set standard shipping rates and even offer free shipping without losing money. Since most traditional shipping carriers don’t offer this, you need to partner with the right company. 

X Delivery’s shipping technology, point-to-point shipping model, and zoneless pricing options offer ecommerce fashion brands a modern shipping solution. Subsequently, you get cost predictability because we provide you with a flat-rate fee for delivery and zoneless shipping pricing that is based on weight instead of distance. Plus, you don’t need to stress about unexpected surcharges or hidden fees because we take pride in being transparent about costs.


Shipping API Technology for Faster Delivery Times

Working with only one shipping carrier means you’re limited and at the mercy of their schedule. But in order to compete with ecommerce giants such as Amazon, you need speedy delivery times. Your customers are used to instant gratification and in order for them to love your brand, you need to meet their expectations. Every time. 

That means partnering with a shipping company that will help you deliver orders faster to keep your customers happy. After all, a satisfied customer will be a returning and loyal customer. The trouble with most logistics companies is that they refuse to use new and emerging shipping technology such as parcel shipping software. However, you can get ahead of your competitors simply by connecting with an innovative partner like X Delivery who embraces technology and helps you to use it to your advantage.

X Delivery’s shipping API automatically chooses the best first, middle, and final mile routing option from a list of high-performance partners based on the ecommerce fashion brand’s needs. As a result, you can avoid transit delays and guarantee faster delivery times for your customers. X Delivery’s point-to-point delivery model means you ship your orders faster than before. With X Delivery, parcel transit times are 2.6 days on average. 


Ready to Ship Smarter in 2022?

As you can see, X Delivery is determined to revolutionize logistics and fix a broken system. By using available technology such as our shipping API, tapping into our network of trustworthy shipping carriers, and enjoying our flat rate and zoneless pricing model, you can grow and scale your ecommerce brand with ease in 2022. Sign up today to start shipping smarter with X Delivery.

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