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How to Get Seamless Holiday Shipping with X Delivery™

The holiday season is right around the corner and before you know it, your ecommerce store will be dealing with an influx of orders. This is great news for your profit margins but can be extremely stressful; especially when it comes to the part of the process that’s out of your hands–delivery. That means it’s essential to prepare for this busy time well in advance. Ensuring a seamless shipping and fulfillment process will determine your success as an ecommerce business. Take full advantage of the holiday season by partnering with X Delivery™ who will help you reimagine delivery by providing fast, reliable, and hassle-free deliveries this holiday season.

Best Shipping Practices for the Holiday Season 

The peak shipping season which usually lasts from October through December can get rather chaotic for eCommerce businesses. This is because Q4 encompasses major holidays such as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. There are plenty of challenges your business may face during this time, so it’s best to prepare and get your store ready for the peak shipping season. 

Here are some best shipping practices for you to implement before the upcoming holiday season:

Leverage Shipping Options

One of the biggest reasons why there are backlogs and delivery delays during this busy season is because most ecommerce brands only work with one set shipping carrier. By doing this, it puts you at the mercy of their schedule. If there is a problem with their system, it affects your deliveries and ultimately your customer experience. 

By partnering with X Delivery™ and connecting to our parcel shipping software through the API, you have access to multiple delivery options throughout the country. Not only does our technology help you select the best shipping carrier for each individual order that gets placed, but it ensures you always have a backup carrier available to step in if need be. 

The X Delivery™ system will automatically select the most relevant available partner for each delivery depending on where the supplier warehouse is located and where the order needs to be delivered. When you use X Delivery™ to leverage shipping options and have access to multiple carriers, you increase conversions as your customers know what standards to expect from you.

Ensure Fast Delivery Times 

Most consumers have become used to fast delivery times from big corporations such as Amazon. So in order to compete with bigger brands, your store needs to ensure faster delivery times as well. Unfortunately, most shipping carriers can’t guarantee such speedy delivery times; especially not during the peak shipping season. As an ecommerce business, you need a more elegant solution to keep your customers happy during the holiday season.

By partnering with X Delivery™ you can reimagine delivery and significantly improve your logistics overall. Since X Delivery™ uses parcel shipping software technology to automate all aspects of the shipping, fulfillment, and delivery process from the moment the order is placed until it gets delivered to the end customer, they are able to craft the perfect delivery. 

This benefits your business as your customers will receive their orders as fast as 2 days later. The seamless process from when the order is placed until the order is received will help your company stand out from your competitors and will keep your loyal customers happy. X Delivery™ gets packages delivered faster than traditional shipping carriers with an average of only 2.6 days transit time. 

Avoid Capacity Restrictions 

Customers tend to place big orders during this time because they are usually purchasing multiple gifts for a number of people. This means that customers’ orders will likely be bigger and heavier (depending on what you sell). Most shipping carriers either have capacity restrictions or charge additional fees for multiple orders or bulky deliveries. 

You can avoid capacity restrictions and your customers can avoid unpleasant additional fees by working with X Delivery™. Because X Delivery™ connects with various shipping carriers, you have more options. 

The system will ensure that the most relevant available delivery partner is selected for each order placed. This means you get connected with the most ideal shipping carrier to deliver your customer’s order. Plus, the best shipping carrier is selected for the order based on where the supplier and the end customer are located, making way for zoneless pricing.

Prepare for the Holiday Season with X Delivery™

Now that you know what to focus on to give your customers a seamless holiday shipping experience, it’s time for you to prepare. Get your business ready to make your customers smile this holiday season by signing up to start shipping with X Delivery™ now. 


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