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The Steps Involved in the Perfect Delivery | X Delivery™

What’s involved in the perfect shipping process? Is the perfect delivery even possible? There is a lot that happens between the moment that the customer clicks the ‘order’ button and the parcel arrives at their door. This also means that there is a lot that can go wrong. 

But a well-established shipping process that is streamlined can ensure the perfect delivery – every time. Shipping is one of the most important steps in the entire process as it directly affects the customer experience.

This post will guide you through the steps involved in the perfect shipment process and then show you how X Delivery™ not only meets but exceeds that expectation.

How the Perfect Shipment Works 

The shipping process for ecommerce is relatively simple yet can quickly become complex if done incorrectly. This is because shipment involves everything from receiving the order from the customer to processing and preparing the particulars for the order to fulfilling the last-mile delivery. As a result, shipping combines a number of departments such as order management, supplier warehouses and the shipping carrier. That’s a lot to keep track of.

In general. there are three steps to the shipping process:

  • Receiving the order
  • Processing the order
  • Fulfilling the order

These three steps will determine how quickly a customer order is prepared, shipped and delivered to its final destination. 

Step 1: Receiving the Order

When an order is placed by a customer, the order information needs to be collected, and properly organized. This includes information on the buyer, the recipient (if different), the item(s) ordered, the shipping method selected, and sometimes other information.

Generally, you’ll streamline this process by using order management or inventory management software which facilitates communication between your ecommerce platform and your warehouse. Many brands are able to accomplish this natively by using the most modern ecommerce platforms that include inventory management.

Step 2: Processing the Order

The next step involves verifying the order data such as checking that the shipping address is complete and that the required items are in stock. This step of the process is usually automated with technology to help speed up the process. During this stage, the order status will be updated to inform the customer that their order is being processed.

Step 3: Fulfilling the Order

The final stage of the shipping process is fulfillment. Once the order has been received and processed, the fulfillment process begins. This is where X Delivery™ comes in. The shipping carrier will provide technology that prints shipping labels, dispatches collection of parcels from the warehouse, and actually delivers the parcel to the end customer. 

Since so much of the process needs to be conducted by the shipping carrier, this stage can often take quite long and end up being rather costly. What we have outlined in this article so far are the basic steps involved in a smooth, efficient and problem-free shipping process.

How does X Delivery™ ensure a smooth, efficient, and problem-free shipping process?

Serving the Perfect Delivery with X Delivery™

Although the process outlined above is how the ideal shipment process works, it isn’t perfect. There are flaws in the system that can be improved upon. X Delivery™ uses technology to automate and streamline the process even more. It connects the ecommerce platform to an open-API which selects the most appropriate delivery partners for each stage of the process, generates a shipping label for the merchant, and coordinates the first, middle, and final mile delivery to the customer. As a result, X Delivery™ ensures shorter delivery times and zone-less pricing.

Here is how X Delivery™ serves the perfect delivery; each and every time:

Day 0: Receiving & Processing the Order

The moment the order is placed by the customer on the eCommerce platform, the integrated API software triggers the shipment process. Once the order is received, the software will verify the transaction, check that the shipping data is correct, create and print the shipping label and connect the order to the best available shipping option, eliminating the headache that many merchants face when they negotiate with several carriers on their own, then maintaining those options and managing multiple vendors.

Day 1: Shipping the Order

Since the order was processed automatically on the day it was received, the parcel can be prepared for shipping the following day. The product is collected from the warehouse by the first-mile delivery partner that was curated and identified by X Delivery™ and connected to the order the day before (sometimes, the same day depending on the time of the day).

Day 2-3+: Delivering the Order

By day 2 the order has been processed, the parcel has been prepared and transit has started. X Delivery™ either flies your package in the available luggage/cargo space of domestic commercial airline flights, or moves it on the ground by freight directly to a final sortation center, eliminating the 100 year old hub-and-spoke model. The final mile delivery is then completed by X Delivery’s curated high-performance network of ground delivery partners. Since the entire process is streamlined and automated through technology, delivery can occur only 2 days after the order was placed.

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