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Understanding the Shipping Carrier Delivery Process | X Delivery™

Every time your customer goes online and orders that awesome new product they can’t wait to get their hands on, they trigger a well-established process that runs like clockwork. In most cases, this process runs so smoothly that their package arrives at their front door in a matter of days – almost like magic (or so it seems to your customer). What seems effortless to them is actually, as you know, a combination of steps taken by multiple parties to ensure that your customers remain happy.

Shipping carrier delivery is the process of getting the ordered product from the supplier to the end customer. From receiving the order to preparing it to be shipped to the actual delivery, there are a few essential steps in the shipping process. Shipping carrier delivery has remained relatively unchanged for decades. But by implementing the right technology such as parcel shipping software and integrated shipping API, the industry is being transformed for the better.

In this post, we guide you through the shipping carrier delivery process so that you have a better idea of how X Delivery™ works and how our shipping API has helped to reimagine delivery as you know it.

How Does X Delivery™ Work?

The shipping process with X Delivery™ works in the same manner as most other shipping carriers but with a few key differences. X Delivery™ simplifies the package delivery process using technology to guarantee reliability, speed and affordability for D2C e-commerce brands that are looking to scale

By using X Delivery™ and connecting to our shipping API, our customers have access to multiple delivery options throughout the country. Since this is something that other shipping carriers cannot offer, X Delivery™ is working to significantly improve logistics.

X Delivery™ crafts the perfect delivery from the moment that the order is placed and the shipping label is printed all the way through to when the parcel gets delivered as fast as 2-3 days later.

Here are the steps involved in the X Delivery™ shipping process:

Step 1: Receiving the Order

Once the order is placed by the customer, the process begins on our X Delivery™ parcel shipping software. When you use our shipping API to connect our system with your e-commerce platform, the shipping process gets triggered automatically when an order is placed on your platform.

As soon as your customer orders and pays for their products, our system verifies the transaction. Once the transaction has been confirmed, a shipping label will be created and printed for the parcel so that it can be shipped with the best available delivery partner on the following day.

Step 2: Shipping the Order

The second step in the process is usually processing the order. In other words, verifying the order data such as the shipping address to make sure it’s accurate and making sure that items are in stock and ready to be shipped. However, the X Delivery™ shipping API software ensures that these things get done during the first step.

All these extra functions are done immediately by the parcel shipping software on day 0 when the order is originally placed. Therefore, X Delivery™ can connect the supplier with the best and most relevant delivery partner on day 1. This ensures that your customer’s parcel is in transit and on the way to them the day after they place their order. Not only does this efficient system speed up the delivery process but it also allows for zoneless pricing.

Step 3: Delivering the Order

The final step involves fulfilling the order, which means delivering the parcel to the end-user or customer. The delivery partner that was enlisted to collect the parcel the day before now ensures that the parcel gets delivered to the correct person.

Since the entire process is streamlined using our technology, delivery can occur much faster than usual. In some cases, within a day or two. Our shipping API and software make it easy for you and your customer to track the order so all parties know exactly when delivery will take place.

Reimagine Delivery

X Delivery™ has revolutionized the shipping carrier delivery process through the use of technology. With our shipping API, we ensure a seamless and speedy process from order through to delivery. Additionally, our parcel shipping software makes it easy for high-growth eCommerce brands to scale. Reimagine delivery for your brand by signing up now.

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