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Reasons to Use X Delivery™ for a Simplified Shipping Process

In a changing world, the demand for smarter devices and technology is growing at a rapid pace. That means companies are looking for simpler, more efficient ways to accomplish their day-to-day tasks, including shipping products out to customers.

Shipping is no easy feat. And if you don’t have the latest technological advances to help you grow your business, you’re already miles behind the competition.

That’s where X Delivery comes in.

Let’s take a look at five reasons using X Delivery™ can help simplify the shipping process in more ways than one.

Benefits of Using X Delivery™

Benefit #1 – The Perfect Shipment (Shorter Transit Times)

Many of the top shipping carriers spend more days in transit than X Delivery™.

X Delivery™ not only simplifies the shipment process, but it creates the perfect shipment system, enabling customers to close their second and third warehouses. Instead of taking days to get to your customers, your shipments will get there in a fraction of the time (sometimes in as little as two days as opposed to three and a half or more).

Benefit #2 – Integrated Technology

X Delivery’s shipping API seamlessly connects with your present supply chain management and other systems so you can easily integrate both order data streams and inventory. That means one warehouse management system for your entire network and better overall communication throughout your company. If you’re focused on plugging into APIs and scaling your business with cross-departmental technology, X Delivery™ is a great solution for you.

Benefit #3 – Better Reporting

If you want better insights into how your shipping process is going, you’ll need advanced reporting features when it comes to your multi-carrier shipping software or API provider. X Delivery™ can provide your company with business intelligence reporting, so you have greater visibility when it comes to success factors. If you want to be able to make smarter, more informed business decisions, X Delivery’s Reporting feature can help you do that.

Not to mention, this platform becomes familiar with your sales patterns and provides personalized insights into distribution and inventory management.

Benefit #4 – Get More Than an Out-of-the-Box Shipping Software

As companies expand into other areas of sales (like multichannel) and boost their market share, they have to think about whether they should focus their resources on internal fulfillment or outsource. Companies need to know that the companies they’re partnering with can do the work they’re unable to, freeing up their time to focus on growing their businesses.

Take the next step and upgrade from your old out-of-the-box shipping software. With X Delivery™, you’ll get improved CX, CSAT, CVR and OpEx. Direct-to-consumer brands like yours trying to grow their businesses need something that can help you scale the way you want to. And X Delivery’s platform can help you do that with complete or supplemental fulfillment outsourcing.

Benefit #5 – Clearer Visibility and Flexibility

Another advantage of X Delivery’s platform is clearer visibility thanks to shipping API integrations (which allow for holistic growth – a huge plus!). You need something that provides better visibility at every step of the process. The X Delivery™ API makes it easier to authenticate transactions, generate shipping labels, and monitor shipment throughout the entire process.

As an established business owner, you’re well aware that sales and demand don’t stay the same from month to month or from year to year. That means you might be paying for warehouse space you don’t necessarily use because things change so rapidly. But if you partnered with a company that gives you the ability to buy only the amount of space you need based on customer demand (and to pay only for what you use), you’d save a lot more money and you could grow your business a lot more easily.

Reimagine Delivery with the Right Technology for Your Business

It’s time to reimagine delivery with technology that’s right for your business. It all starts with partnering with the number one shipping carrier for high-growth direct-to-consumer brands. An open API for shipping carrier optimization is the key to growing into the “multiple-hundreds of orders per day” phase.

If you had something that optimizes your company’s shipping process, your teams and platforms could function together more effectively and efficiently. Sign up for X Delivery™ today and see just how we can simplify the shipping process for your business.

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