X Delivery is now Maergo.

Top selling ecommerce brands are switching to X Delivery™ before the holiday season.

Every serious ecommerce brand is switching to X Delivery before the holidays

Scaled ecommerce infrastructures require serious tech integrations. X Delivery™ announces thirteen new integrations.

The data-driven tech company simply called X™ has partnered with thirteen technology companies to integrate their shipping carrier service: X Delivery™. 

Say ‘goodbye’ to extra fees and reclaim the margin other shipping carriers have suppressed for too long when you leave your shipping carrier and switch to X Delivery™. X Delivery™ is tech that ships.

Top selling ecommerce brands are switching to X Delivery™ this summer to focus on the biggest holiday season of their careers.

The first thirteen tech integrations announced make switching from other national shipping carriers to X Delivery™ easier:

  • Aftership – Aftership is a tracking solution for ecommerce businesses and provides a best-in-class post-purchase experience to drive customer loyalty and additional sales.

  • Buku Ship – Buku Ship is a tech gateway where you can find all the shipping solutions you need for your current workflow.

  • Creative Logistics Solutions – Creative Logistics Solutions provide fast and flexible shipping software that enables high-growth D2C ecommerce brands for a seamless peak season shipping operation.

  • Curotec – Curotec takes a high level approach to technology development that includes business strategy and organizational enrichment.

  • Easyship – Easyship is a shipping platform that accelerates ecommerce. High-growth D2C ecommerce brands use their software to deliver goods.

  • eJOOV – eJOOV is a third-party logistics provider who helps you scale from hundreds to tens-of-thousands of orders per day and simplifies their offering to make life easier.

  • Essential Hub – Essential Hub agrees that shipping is one of the most critical aspects of a high-growth D2C ecommerce brand, and provides shipping solutions that suit you.

  • Fishbowl Inventory – Fishbowl is a manufacturing and warehouse inventory management software system that helps you scale your online brand with less stress.

  • Fulfillment.com – Fulfillment.com (FDC) helps you expand your business, connect to best-in-class technology, improve customer-experience and save you money.

  • Narvar – Narvar goes beyond the ‘buy’ button and helps high-growth D2C ecommerce brands create loyal customers with an integrated tracking experience that customers love and come back for.

  • Ordoro – Ordoro helps high-volume D2C ecommerce brands optimize their customer experience with shipping and fulfillment technologies that are ready to scale.

  • Rock Solid Internet Shipping – Rock Solid Internet Shipping is a customized parcel shipping platform that handles all of your shipping management needs, making your business operations run more smoothly.

  • Vanlo – Vanlo’s integration to cutting edge shipping carriers and shipping technology empower their high-growth D2C ecommerce clients to launch, grow, and scale more quickly.

X Delivery™ is an OpenAPI. If you work with a technology integrator that is not on this list. Let us know, and we’ll get it built.

X™ is the technology company powering the #1 shipping carrier for high-growth direct-to-consumer ecommerce brands who ship 500 or more packages per day.

X Delivery’s ‘fundamental Why’ is to fix logistics. By connecting our services to these thirteen technology partners, logistics are more connected. When you decide that a carrier diversification project is due, X Delivery™ is the answer. 

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