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Tech powered carrier X™ is launched

X is a technology-first company focused on end to end delivery

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 19, 2020 /X Delivery™/ — X Delivery™ launches early access of its own parcel delivery carrier network to Reimagine Delivery™. X™ is building the next generation express parcel carrier service utilizing proprietary technology and large hard asset providers across the entire supply chain for a single delivery experience.

“In 2019 we were asked by some of our biggest brands to solve challenges they were facing with national carriers. From this momentum, X™ was born and quickly adopted. And when we realized that the market at large was asking for this, we invested into the technology to monetize and fill unused capacity for our partners,” Chris Guggenheim CEO & Founder of X™. “In today’s market and with peak upon us, the demand for X™ is strong.

We have amazing partnerships and are helping the industry increase productivity through capacity optimization. We have no peak challenges or surcharges. As a result of this our customers are benefiting with a nationwide 2-3 day transit at an amazing cost with no hidden fees. I’m amazed that our team has been able to provide all of this during such an unprecedented period of world commerce.”

X™ is reimagining how assets in the supply chain are utilized to reduce waste, increase capacity and save you money

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