X Delivery

The #1 Shipping Carrier For High Growth D2C Brands

X is the technology company supporting the #1 shipping carrier for high-growth D2C brands: X Delivery

Our technology increases accessibility to meet the new standard of online shoppers.

Faster Transit Time​

X delivers to 90% of the US population in less than 2 days.

No Capacity Restrictions

The scalable shipping solution for growing brands, 3PLs and marketplaces.

Cost Savings

Save up to 92% off commercial shipping rates.

Operational excellence

Precision planning provides reduced damage and reduced misroutes.

Shoppers need packages
faster than ever

Beat the status quo.



Save up to 75%
When you switch to X Delivery
  • 500 min daily shipments
  • 999 max daily shipments


Save up to 85%
When you grow with X Delivery
  • 1,000 min daily shipments
  • 4,999 max daily shipments


Save up to 92%
When you scale with X Delivery
  • 5,000 min daily shipments
  • 9,999 max daily shipments


Unlock more savings
When you scale even more
  • 10,000+ daily shipments